How Do I Get On COBRA with Humana?

After my job ended, my former employer sent me a letter about starting COBRA with Humana which was my work health insurance. How does that work?

After your qualifying event that made you lose work insurance coverage, your employer will send you a notice of your right to continue your plan. The notice will contain information on how to enroll in your Human health plan, what the costs are and contact information if you have plan questions. The COBRA law specifies that you have 60 days to enroll in the coverage after you receive the notice.

Where’s My COBRA Notice?

The employer should send you the election notice within 45 days of the qualifying event or when the insurance ended. This notification should come to you by postal mail. If you did not receive your paperwork, check with the Human Resources department from who the insurance is through and request a new form.

Who is Humana Insurance?

Humana, Inc. is a healthcare company that offers a range of health and wellness products and services that incorporate an integrated approach to health care throughout life. The Company operates through the following segments:

  • Retail
  • Employers Group
  • Health and Wellness Services

The Retail segment includes Medicare and fully covered specialty health and medical insurance benefits, including dental, vision, and other supplemental health and financial protection products, direct marketing from individuals.

The Employer Group segment includes Medicare and fully covered specialty health and medical benefits, including additional health and financial protection products, as well as other health and wellness services. Administrative services are marketed only to groups of employers.

The Health and Wellness Services segment includes services provided to members of health plans as well as to third parties that promote health and wellness, including provider services , pharmaceuticals, integrated healthcare and home care.

The company was founded by David A. Jones, Sr. and Wendell Cherry in 1961 and is headquartered in Louisville, KY.

Is COBRA Too Expensive?

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