My COBRA Is With Moda Health. How Do I Enroll?

I was let go from my job in March and was promised COBRA through Moda Health. I need to enroll now. How?

If you are looking to keep your Moda Health plan you had from an employer as a COBRA continuation, you will need to respond within 60 days of the offer the business sent you. The COBRA paperwork will have details on how to enroll and where to pay your premium.

Who Is Moda Health?

Moda Health (formerly ODS Health) is a Portland, Oregon-based health insurance company. In Oregon, Alaska, and Texas, the company offers medical and dental insurance (and in Washington state before 2016). The Moda Center, home of the Portland Trail Blazers, and Moda Tower, Portland’s tenth-tallest building, are both named after the company.

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We are — a private health insurance company, established in 2001, that publishes online information on how the federal COBRA law works. We also provide an alternative to COBRA if it is unavailable or you simply can not afford it. You can remain insured and have health coverage for new illnesses or injuries with Short-Term Medical Insurance

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