What Are The COBRA Deadlines?

I know an employee has 60 days to elect the coverage, but does that mean the election paperwork/notification must be in the administrators hand on the 60th day or the member electing COBRA has to mail the notification by the 60th day?

Your employer must receive your election within 60 days from the qualifying event. So, if your qualifying event was Jan 1st you will have no more than 60 days or March 1st to have your election form already sent to the employer. The COBRA election paperwork will have to be delivered by/before the March 1st deadline.

Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic National Emergency

The coronavirus has taken many Americans out of the work place. The US Department of Labor has changed the deadlines for employers to notify and employees to elect and stay on COBRA Insurance. Employers will now have 14 days to notify you of your right to COBRA continuation. You now have the length of the outbreak period to decide to elect continuation of insurance.

COBRA Continuation Is Expensive

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