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If I Change Jobs While On COBRA, What Happens?

If a person has used 6 months of COBRA insurance after losing a previous job and gets a new job with insurance and leaves after 4 months for a better job with no insurance is he/she eligible for 12 months or 18 months of COBRA coverage from the most recent employer? Job loss is not due to any type of misconduct.

You are typically eligible for up to 18 months of COBRA continuation from the qualifying event per each group health plan. This means that you could have stayed on COBRA from the first employer you mentioned up to 18 months. Instead, you mention you only used it for 6 months.

After your first COBRA continuation, it sounds like you got insurance through a new employer’s group health plan, then left after 4 months. If this is the case, and you were on the new employer’s group health plan, you are eligible for COBRA coverage for another 18 months, because it is a different employer and different group health plan.

The COBRA Act requires that you are on a qualified employer health plan on your last day of work.

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