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Where Do I Enroll For DeanCare COBRA?

I quit my job in September and need COBRA as I have preexisting conditions. Where do I start?

When your work health insurance stops, the COBRA law specifies that the employer must notify you of your right to continuing coverage. The notice may be from the employer or their third-party administrator. To enroll back into your DeanCare Group Health Plan, you must respond to the notification within 60 days of receiving it.

COBRA Eligibility

What If I Didn’t Get The COBRA Election Form?

You’ll need to reach out to the human resources department of the employer who sponsored the health insurance and have them send you a COBRA notification and election form.

Who Is DeanCare?

Dean Health Plan has assisting southern Wisconsin residents in making the most of their coverage for over 35 years. Also referred to as DeanCare, the company provides complete care in collaboration with local member support, doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

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