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What Is The Difference Between COBRA And FMLA?

I am currently covered under my company’s group health plan, which is not COBRA. I am intending on leaving in about 2 months and will have about a 2-3 month period of no coverage. My company offers COBRA, how soon do I need to sign up for it before leaving, and will it cover my pre-existing condition of pregnancy?

If you are on maternity leave or on the Family and Medical Leave Act, your employer is required to maintain the group health benefits for you as if you didn’t take time off away from your job. This would not be COBRA coverage.

What Is COBRA?

COBRA is a federal law that requires employers with 20 or more employees to offer the same group health care coverage after you’ve voluntarily or involuntarily left your job or have had your work hours reduced. Because COBRA is simply the same coverage you had through a previous employer, you would need to contact the COBRA Administrator at your previous employer to begin or cancel coverage. Typically, the COBRA Administrator is in the HR department or the company that sponsored the insurance may use a third party administrator.

Common third-party COBRA Administrators

Employer’s may use a third-party administrator to send enrollment notifications and manage premium payments.

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