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COBRA Insurance Knowledge Base

Here’s a collection of questions about the federal COBRA continuation law and their answers.

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COBRA Plan Administrators

Responsible for enrollments and receiving COBRA premiums. This is someone in the human resources department or a third-party administrator the company uses. 

COBRA Health Insurance Carriers

The insurance is to be the same medical you plan, with the same insurance carrier, that you had when the employer subsidized a portion of premium.

Latest COBRA Questions and Answers

Agent Marketplace

Health Insurance Marketplace Need a COBRA Alternative?Compare plans, get a quote and enroll securelyShort-Term Medical | Accident Medical | Dental | Vision | TelehealthCall Shannon For A Health Insurance Consult 877-262-7241GET A QUOTETEMPORARY HEALTH...

PlanSource COBRA

Knowledge Base › › Who Is PlanSource For My COBRA Account?I received a letter about COBRA and to set up an account with PlanSource? Where do I go?PlanSource is a third-party COBRA administrator that employers use to outsource...


Keep It Simple, Get Answers, Find The Insurance Right For You Live Chat With COBRA Advisors COBRA Advisor Chat is a convenient method to speak with a professional agent about your temporary health insurance needs. Please keep in mind that we cannot address specific...

Employer Sold Business

Knowledge Base › › My Employer Sold The Business, Do I Qualify For COBRA?The business I work for was sold & the new buyer has offered a new health plan. Do the employees have the option of electing COBRA on the old plan or...

COBRAPoint Bennaisance Member Account

Knowledge Base › › What Is COBRAPoint?I received a letter about COBRA from Bennaisance to login to COBRAPoint, who is this?Benaissance is the industry's leading Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for individual single-point...

BRI Benefit Resource COBRA Portal

Knowledge Base › › What is BRI COBRA?I need to check my premium payment was made with Benefits Resource, BRI COBRA, how do I do that?Benefit Resource (BRI) administers tax-free benefit programs such as Commuter Benefit Plans,...

Paychex COBRA Administration Services

Knowledge Base › › What is Paychex COBRA Administration Services?I need to create my Paychex COBRA account, what is that?Paychex, Inc. is a market leader in integrated human capital management systems for payroll, benefits,...

COBRA Covers Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Knowledge Base › › Does COBRA Cover Physical Therapy And Rehab?My sister is going for double knee replacement this week and her COBRA ends May 15th. Does COBRA pay for rehabilitation beyond May 15? COBRA May Cover Physical...

COBRA After No Health Insurance

Knowledge Base › › Am I Still Eligible For COBRA If I Do Not Have Health Insurance?My husband and I do not have health insurance. We have been without health insurance for a year now and his health insurance at his job is so...

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