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COBRA is a federal law that allows workers to continue on an employer’s group health insurance after that coverage would end due to loss of hours or the end of employment. When you elect COBRA continuation, your previous health plan is restarted and retroactive to the date that it ended.

The State of Montana has adopted the Public Health Service Act which allows a continuation of an employers group disability policy for 12 months when an employee’s hours are reduced to less than the minimum time required for coverage.

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Health Insurance Continuation Law Applies To Businesses With 20 More Employees

The Montana Public Health Service Act, like the federal COBRA law, is enforced for businesses with 20 or more employees only. Workers and their families that were insured by an employer with 19 or fewer employees, will need to find new medical coverage will need to look at the public or private health insurance market place to obtain new insurance.

Affordable Private Health Insurance

If you are fairly healthy and still want to remain insured, alternatives to COBRA insurance may be available based on where you live. Short-term health insurance is a popular option and available in most States. This can protect you from high medical costs of new injuries or new illnesses that unexpectedly occur while allowing you to use any licensed doctor. Coverage is available up to $1 million per person. For more information and pricing, you can call us at 1-877-262-7241 or complete a free quote online.

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