Reasons why you should buy your health insurance through the Marketplace:

Starting in 2014 you must have health insurance (Qualified Health Plan) or pay a penalty. is your trusted partner here to help guide you through your options.  Some reasons why you should work with us:

reasons to buy health insurance chart

  • has insurance licensed representatives trained to help you understand new rules, access plan options, and assist in enrollment.
  • Licensed agents will be the only people legally able to assist you when you are trying to choose the right health insurance plan for your specific needs.
  • And, by law working with a licensed agent cannot cost you extra.   Working with a Government Navigator does not save you anything.
  • Government supplied Navigators will not be able to advise you on which plans to choose or enroll into.  By law, Government Navigators are only able to assist you to determine whether or not you are eligible for a subsidy and helping you through the application process.
  • can provide Major Medical plans through the Public or Private exchanges
  • We are there for you after the sale…  Who would you want to help you with your claim; a licensed insurance agent or a Government Navigator with no ties to the insurance companies?
  • The Marketplace also provides you with exclusive products which compliment health insurance; such as Core Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, and more.
  • We sincerely are interested in helping you understand your options.

We are looking forward to helping you with your insurance needs.  Members should register at, so our professionally licensed staff can give advice and/or direction navigating their options.  Products and insurance companies may be different per exchange.  We can provide options through private and/or public marketplaces (exchanges).

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