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What Is Short-Term Health Insurance Used For?

If you are between employer health plans, a Term Medical Plan can help you with basic medical coverage during a gap in insurance coverage.

Premiums for these plans are quite affordable, though they provide fewer “essential health benefits” than comprehensive ACA health plans. Use these these plans for 1 or up to 12 months, you may cancel at any time without penalties.

After you register for a quote you’ll find the available health insurance options based on the state you live in.

Individual & Family Medical Plans From Leading Carriers

Find health insurance plans designed to fit the needs of individuals and families, from the country’s leading insurance companies.

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Temporary Health Insurance

Instead of continuing on your former employer’s work insurance, using a term health plan is an affordable way to cover an insurance gap between jobs.

Short-Term Gap Health Insurance

Temporary health plans are available for one month to one year. Coverage may begin as early as tomorrow. You may cancel at any time.

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Helping Over 4+ Million Workers Find Affordable Medical Insurance (a private insurance company) helps workers and families with their temporary insurance options while between major medical plans. If you have questions about choosing COBRA, please contact our Licenced Insurance Agents.

Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions

Affordable Care Act Marketplace

Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance provides minimal essential coverage, which includes preventive care, emergency services and prescription drugs. This type of insurance is often similar to work-based health insurance.

Federally Qualified Health Plans

When you shop the ACA Marketplace, you may find subsidies to reduce your monthly premium. This option covers your pre-existing conditions at an affordable rate.

Same plans as, just easier to navigate.

COBRA Insurance

COBRA is a federal law that allows individuals who participate in an employer’s group health plan, to continue paying for that plan when it would otherwise end due to a qualifying event. COBRA costs $450 – 750/month, per indivdual.

To begin COBRA, refer to the paperwork you received.

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We thank SASid Insurance Development for its dedication to providing exceptional service and helping consumers access coverage.”

Ellen Montz, Director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight within CMS, which oversees the Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is opting for COBRA coverage between jobs a good idea?

COBRA allows you to maintain your existing employer-sponsored health insurance after leaving a job. It offers the advantage of uninterrupted coverage but may be more costly as you’ll pay the full premium. Evaluate if the comprehensive benefits justify the higher cost compared to other short-term options.

How can I maintain health insurance after leaving my job?

After leaving a job, you can retain your health insurance through COBRA, sign up for a plan through the health insurance marketplace, or consider short-term health insurance. Each option provides a way to stay covered, with varying costs and coverage lengths.

Are term health insurance plans expensive?

Term health insurance, or short-term health insurance, is typically less expensive than traditional health plans. The lower cost reflects the limited coverage and shorter policy term, making it a cost-effective solution for coverage gaps between jobs.

Why is short-term health insurance less expensive?

Short-term health insurance costs less because it offers limited coverage over a short period and generally excludes pre-existing conditions. This makes it an affordable option for healthy individuals needing temporary insurance.

How can I address a gap in my health insurance coverage?

To address a gap in health insurance coverage, consider short-term health insurance for immediate, temporary coverage, explore marketplace plans for longer-term needs, or use COBRA to extend your previous employer’s coverage. Each option offers a solution based on your coverage needs and financial situation.

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