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COBRA is a federal law. Not an insurance company.
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How To Get Health Insurance Between Jobs

Having health insurance coverage is important when you’re in between jobs. It helps you avoid the high costs of unexpected injuries or illnesses.

Once your workplace health insurance ends, you have three options to think about:

  1. COBRA Insurance Option ($$$$) – Covers Pre-existing Conditions
    Use COBRA to continue your most recent employer health plan for a limited time.
  2. Affordable Care Act Plan ($$$) – Covers Pre-existing Conditions
    Choose from a variety of ACA-compliant plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace, similar to work insurance, ACA covers essential health services.
  3. Short-Term Medical Plan ($$) – New Accident & Illness Coverage Only
    Short-term medical plans provide an affordable option if COBRA is too expensive or unavailable.

Is COBRA Unavailable?

If COBRA is not available to you or too expensive, you may register an account with and review short-term medical or accident only insurance plans.

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Short-Term Health Plans

Temporary major medical coverage for new illnesses and emergencies during a gap between health plans.

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Temporary Health Plans

Term Health Insurance offers cost-effective, temporary coverage, ideal for bridging gaps between jobs and health plans.

Types Of Term Health Insurance

Short-term health plans are available for one month to one year.  You may cancel at any time.

Short-Term Medical Plan

Provides coverage for new illnesses or unexpected accidents. Great for those in good health.

Accident Only Coverage

An affordable option to cover new injuries or accidents that arise. Pre-existing conditions do not exclude you from enrolling in Accident Only medical insurance.

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Are short-term health insurance plans a good investment?

Short-term health insurance plans can be a worthwhile option for bridging coverage gaps without the higher costs of traditional plans. They are particularly useful for healthy individuals needing temporary coverage. However, consider the limited benefits and potential exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

Ready to review costs? The pricing is based on your age and state of residency. Register now to view plans available in your state.

Coverage For Pre-existing Conditions

Marketplace ACA Obamacare

Affordable Care Act Marketplace plans cover pre-existing conditions, providing a reliable health care coverage option when you’re between jobs. These plans not only guarantee acceptance regardless of medical history but also include benefits like prescription medications, wellness exams, emergency services, and other essential health benefits.

Should You Start New Employer Health Insurance, you have the flexibility to cancel this plan, aligning your coverage with your changing circumstances.

Some People Can Get Health Insurance For $10/Month, depending on your state of residence and your income, you may qualify for a subsidy for a fully qualified health plan that may be low to no cost.

Get Started: Shop for Federally Qualified Health Plan

Employer COBRA

COBRA insurance covers pre-existing conditions, including prescription drug benefits, retroactively to the date you lost your employer plan.

Approx. $500 – 800/mo

Getting COBRA Between Jobs

The COBRA Act compels companies with 20 or more workers to allow workers to continue on the employer health plan by paying the entire premium.

Your employer or their third-party administrator should offer you the option to continue your previous work plan within 45 days. You will have 60 days to enroll or waive your right to COBRA.