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When is COBRA insurance benefits the best option?

When should you continue your group health plan benefits under COBRA? You should seriously consider continuing your health benefits under COBRA if you…
  • Have had comprehensive benefits and don’t mind paying a higher premium
  • Want continual, guaranteed coverage at a higher cost.
  • Have had recent health problems.
  • Have had ongoing health problems.
  • Are taking expensive medications.
  • Have been declined for private insurance recently.
  • Have a history of medical problems.
  • Have had an accident within the 60 day window of enrollment.
  • Are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
  • Got a job and your new employer does not offer a health plan.
If you cannot afford your employers COBRA option and you meet any of the above criteria you should consider the CORE Health Insurance Option  – Learn More in the Registration section of this website.   

When Should I Consider an Alternative?

  • Have no pre-existing conditions
  • Want continual coverage at a lower cost
  • Have had no health problems
  • Have not received any advice from medical professionals advising you to undergo a medical procedure in the future.
  • You are not pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant soon

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