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How Do I Remove My Phone Number From Getting Insurance Quotes?

COBRAinsurance.com is a private insurance company focused on educating individuals about the COBRA federal law. Unlike lead-generating websites, we don’t sell your private information to third parties.

Our goal is to provide accurate information and affordable alternatives to COBRA coverage.

I need to remove my phone number from getting calls on insurance quotes. How can I do that?

You may have come across a “lead-generating” website offering a quote for health insurance. These sites will ask for your contact information or Personal Identifiable Information, otherwise known as PII.

PII is defined as information: (i) that directly identifies an individual (e.g., name, address, social security number or other identifying number or code, telephone number, email address, etc.) or (ii) by which an agency intends to identify specific individuals in conjunction with other data elements, i.e., indirect identification. (These data elements may include a combination of gender, race, birth date, geographic indicator, and other descriptors). 

Unfortunately, with many lead-generating websites, you are not given the quote right away. After taking your contact information it is oftentimes sold to multiple telemarketing insurance agencies.

To stop these calls, you may need to simply answer them and ask to not be contacted again. You can also try and get on the National “Do Not Call” list.

National Do Not Call Registry

The National Do Not Call Registry was established to prevent unsolicited sales calls. Registering your home or cell phone number is completely free. If you’ve already registered your phone number with the Do Not Call Registry and are still receiving a lot of unwanted calls, the calls are most likely from scammers.

Use Call Blocking to Avoid Scam Calls

Call blocking refers to technologies or devices that can prevent many unwanted calls, such as scam calls and illegal robocalls, from reaching you. Cell phones, home phones that make internet calls (VoIP), and landlines all have their own call-blocking features. Just be aware that some legitimate calls may be blocked by call-blocking services.

Downloading a call-blocking app is one of the best ways to block unwanted calls on a cell phone. A call-blocking app functions as a filter. The company behind the app predicts which calls are illegal or likely to be scams based on call data or reports from users, the FTC, and other sources. Those calls are then intercepted by the app before they reach you. Some apps are free, while others require payment.

There are many call-blocking apps in both the  App Store for iPhone and the Google Play store for Android to help prevent unwanted calls on your mobile device.

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