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COBRAinsurance.com is a health insurance company that helps workers in-between jobs enroll in affordable health plans. We are a nationally licensed and recognized health insurance agency looking to sincerely help people access and understand insurance. Over the past 20 years, over 4 million people have obtained insurance through SASid, Inc technologies.

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HealthCare.gov Recognition: 2024 Elite Plus Circle Of Champions

This recognition from CMS as an Elite Plus member of the 2024 Marketplace Circle of Champions underscores SASid’s achievement in enrolling 500 or more consumers during this Open Enrollment Period. Elite Plus is the highest designation in the Marketplace Circle of Champions.

“We thank SASid, Inc. for their important work and outstanding service they provide to so many consumers during Open Enrollment and beyond,” said Ellen Montz, Director of the Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight within CMS, which oversees the HealthCare Marketplace. “These top enrolling agents and brokers plan an important role in expanding access to coverage.”

Badge of HealthCare.gov Marketplace Circle of Champions

About Smart and Simple Insurance Development

SASid, Inc. was co-founded by brothers Shannon Kennedy (President) and Shawn Kennedy (Vice President) in 1999. SASid is an acronym for “Smart and Simple insurance development” and is the backbone of what we do.

SASid is an industry leader by innovating and evolving proprietary insurance marketing and administration software.  Today, SASid offers the most efficient, user-friendly tools to help our partnerships (Insurance Companies, Brokers, Associations) thrive.


SASid, Inc. has made the Inc. 5000 list five times in the past decade for superior company growth. We are also proud to have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, on CNBC. as well as several leadership books. Our success is due to our leaders, employees and constant ability to innovate within the insurance industry.

Other Noteable COBRAs

COBRA insurance, an acronym for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, provides an option for continued health insurance coverage after employment ends and should not be confused with either cobra snakes or Cobra’s communication and radar devices. Unlike the venomous reptile known for its distinctive hood, or the leading brand in communication technology, COBRA insurance serves a unique purpose in maintaining healthcare continuity for individuals and their families. The similarity in names might lead to confusion, but each term represents entirely different domains, from the natural world to healthcare and innovative technology solutions.

Cobra Brand Radar Detectors and Power Solutions

Ceder Electronic’s brand Cobra, started in the 1960s, and the brand has since become synonymous with innovative power and communication solutions offering best-in-its-class detection range for radar and laser alerts

Cobra Snakes

Cobras are fascinating reptiles known for their venomous bites and distinctive hoods. This article explores various aspects of cobras, from their discovery and scientific classification to their natural habitats and safety precautions to take if encountered. Educate yourself on the cobra snake.

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