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COBRA Insurance Account Login

No Pre-Existing Conditions?

If you do not have pre-existing conditions, visit the health enrollment center for temporary plans that can save you up to 70% off employer COBRA.

Where Do I Find My COBRA Account?

Employer’s may use a third-party administrator to manage COBRA notifications, premium payments and other account issues. These companies may have a customer website for you to manage your account, the continuation plan and make your monthly payment.

How To Login To Your COBRA Account

If the employer uses a third-party administrator, the paperwork you receive for continuing your workplace insurance contains your login instructions and how to create a COBRA account on your administrator’s website. If you lost your COBRA paperwork or unsure who your plan administrator is, contact the employer that the insurance is through. They can point you in the correct direction.

Forgot Password?

Yes, sometimes we forget our passwords.

You won’t be able to reset it on this website as COBRA is an employer responsibility and not an insurance company. Depending on the plan administrator, near the username and password fields there should be a link for “Forgot Password?” that will let you update your login credentials.

If you need further assistance, contact your plan administrator. Their phone number is on the paperwork you received about continuing your workplace health plan.

Reset Username

Depending on the website where you manage your account, your username may be your email address or a name you select. Each COBRA Administrator’s login portal is different. To reset your username, follow the onscreen instructions to begin changing it.

If you run into issues resetting your username, contact your health plan administrator. This is who you make your premium payments to.

What Is COBRAinsurance.com?

COBRAinsurance.com is a private insurance company that provides information on the COBRA law. We also carry gap insurance plans that are much more affordable than continuing an employer plan.

COBRAinsurance.com Login

You may log in here if you enrolled in a COBRA alternative term health plan. Manage Your Account

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Your Online COBRA Benefits Account

Some employers may use a third party administrator (TPA) to manage the COBRA process. The TPA may provide a website for you to manage the following:

flexterm health insurance advertisement with doctor

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