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COBRA Insurance is a federal law, not a company.

You may be eligible for COBRA Insurance benefits when your employer-sponsored insurance ends. If you are, your insurance plan’s administrator (usually the HR Department) will send you a notice of COBRA election. You have 60 days to elect this coverage and continue using they employer group health plan as your health insurance.

COBRA Account Actions

Some employers may use a third party administrator (TPA) to manage the  COBRA application process. The TPA may provide an online portal to manage the following:

COBRA is the same employer health insurance you previously had, nothing really changes except where you pay your premium. Often, those continuing their insurance under COBRA work directly with the former employer’s HR department to pay premiums, add or remove individuals or cancel the plan.

Third-party administrator may be used to manage notifications, premium payments and other account issues. If you are unsure who that is, contact the HR department where the insurance was through.

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Affordable Alternatives

When you keep your work insurance through COBRA benefits, you pay the entire insurance premium. Even the portion that your employer was contributing to.

Short -term medical insurance is an alternative to COBRA for those that are in good health.

Obtaining and enrolling in health insurance online is easy. You have access to customer service representatives and the same plans you would find on Private health insurance marketplaces have hundreds of plans that can not be found on the government exchanges.

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The COBRA Insurance website helps workers with their insurance options while in-between employers. If you have questions about choosing COBRA, please call our Certified Insurance Specialists.
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