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How Much Does COBRA Insurance Cost?

I’m interested in keeping my work health plan after I resign next month. How much is COBRA?

On Average, The Monthly COBRA Insurance Premium Cost Is $400 – 700/month Per Individual

No Pre-Existing Conditions?

If you do not have pre-existing conditions, visit the health enrollment center for temporary plans that can save you up to 70% off employer COBRA.

Who Provides COBRA Continuation?

COBRA Insurance is actually the name of a federal law and not a company. All employers with 20 or more full-time workers are required to offer COBRA, which is the same work health insurance you had.

Continuing on an employer’s major medical health plan with your federal COBRA rights is expensive. You are now responsible for the entire insurance premium, whereas your previous employer had subsidized a portion of that as a work benefit. Often times there is a 2% administration fee that may be legally added on.

As COBRA is the same work health insurance you had, the plan continues to be managed by the employer.

How Do You Calculate Your COBRA Premium?

To estimate your monthly COBRA premium, you will add the amount that was deducted from your paycheck for health insurance to the amount that your employer was subsidizing. Typically, the employer portion is not known.

To get an exact quote on continuing your employer plan, you should contact the COBRA plan administrator or refer to the paperwork you received regarding enrollment.

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COBRA Eligibility

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We are an insurance company that provides information on the COBRA law and alternative temporary insurance options if continuation is unavailable or too expensive.

What Is COBRA?

COBRA is a federal law that requires employers with 20 or more employees to offer the same group health care coverage after you’ve voluntarily or involuntarily left your job or have had your work hours reduced.

What Are The Benefits?

Because this health insurance is a continuation of the coverage you had through a previous employer, the COBRA benefits will be the same as you had before.

Average Cost Of COBRA Insurance In 2022

Health insurance plans through an employer are ACA Certified. They cover pre-existing conditions and have prescription medication benefits. COBRA is a continuation of that same work health insurance.

According to the Kaiser foundation, the average cost of individual health insurance in the United States is $438/month in 2022. Not all states are close to equal. In Colorado, the monthly average premium is $358, for example. Whereas in West Virginia, individuals may pay over $750 per month for health care coverage.

Source: How Much Does Health Insurance Cost Per Month?

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Licensed Insurance Agents

Do you have more COBRA questions? Try contacting a certified insurance specialist. These COBRA customer service agents are licensed in all 50 states. They can offer advice and alternative plans that best suit your needs.

Average Cost Of COBRA Health Insurance By State

Location 2022
United States $438
Alabama $597
Alaska $712
Arizona $390
Arkansas $387
California $417
Colorado $358
Connecticut $581
Delaware $548
District of Columbia $387
Florida $456
Georgia $394
Hawaii $484
Idaho $461
Illinois $18
Indiana $398
Iowa $502
Kansas $450
Kentucky $387
Louisiana $541
Maine $427
Maryland $328
Massachusetts $389
Michigan $340
Minnesota $327
Mississippi $448
Missouri $442
Montana $483
Nebraska $595
Nevada $383
New Hampshire $309
New Jersey $424
New Mexico $389
New York $592
North Carolina $504
North Dakota $497
Ohio $375
Oklahoma $498
Oregon $444
Pennsylvania $390
Rhode Island $361
South Carolina $444
South Dakota $601
Tennessee $445
Texas $424
Utah $456
Vermont $749
Virginia $450
Washington $396
West Virginia $752
Wisconsin $429
Wyoming $762

COBRA Third-Party Administrators

Your COBRA plan may be managed by a third-party administrator. Many employers work with the following:

If you are unsure who your plan administrator is, reach out to the human resources department of the company that provided the health insurance you had.

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