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Do You Need Health Insurance After Becoming Recently Unemployed?

You may remain insured on your former employer’s group health plan via the COBRA law. It’s the smart choice if you need treatment or medication for pre-existing conditions.

Many people who suffer a job loss will use “gap health insurance”. These types of plans provide coverage for new illnesses and unexpected accidents.

Temporary Medical Health Insurance as an Alternative to COBRA

COBRA insurance is expensive. Instead of continuing on work insurance, using a temporary health plan is an affordable way to cover an insurance gap until your next major medical begins. These plans do not have coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The cost of temporary medical insurance is dependent on your age, the state you live in and if you are a tobacco user.

These plans are available for one month to one year. Coverage may begin as early as tomorrow.

Examples of available temporary health plans:

Short Term Medical Insurance

New Illnesses & Injury Coverage

Flex term short term medical insurance

The FlexTerm Health Insurance plan provides health insurance coverage to help protect you from the medical bills that can result from newly unexpected Injuries and Sickness.

Coverage begins as early as midnight tonight.

Learn more about FlexTerm Short Term Medical Insurance.

Plans begin at $80/month.

Accident Only Insurance with Telehealth

Includes Telehealth giving you access to prescribing doctors for common issues.

Pre-existing conditions do not exclude you from Accident Only medical insurance.

Accidents happen, and the last thing you want to worry about is who or how the bills are going to get paid. With this plan, you can focus on getting care. CAM helps you and your family with the high cost of healthcare resulting from injury or accidents.

Coverage begins as early as midnight tonight.

Learn more about Comprehensive Accident Medical Insurance.

Plans start at $44/month.

Limited Indemnity with Telehealth

Includes Telehealth giving you access to prescribing doctors for common issues.

Core Health Insurance provides guaranteed acceptance Limited Indemnity Medical coverage for your basic medical needs, helping to provide a medical option for people who do not have the luxury of being covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan.

Coverage begins as early as midnight tonight.

Other Coverage

Major medical and short-term plans often won’t include other health benefits. Many individuals and families will need to look for private dental and vision insurance outside of their existing plan.

Dental Insurance

The Core Dental Insurance plans can provide coverage for preventive, basic and major dental expenses with the dentist of your choice. Also, some plans include additional benefits like vision, hearing, orthodontia, teeth whitening, Dental Rewards® and more.

Core Dental Insurance is a private Ameritas Dental Plan.

Vision Plans

EyeMed is the leader when it comes to vision insurance.  EyeMed Advantage Network is made up of over 44,000 independent and retail in-network provider access points including 1000’s of national retail providers like LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical and Target Optical.

EyeMed Vision Insurance is smart to have.


MDLive is a non-insurance, Telehealth subscription that provides 24 hours a day, 365 days a year access to a network of U.S. Board Certified physicians who can diagnose, recommend treatment, prescribe or refill prescriptions for routine conditions.

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COBRA Is A Major Medical Plan

When you sign up for COBRA, you are keeping the same work health insurance you had when you were employed. It’s great for those with preexisting conditions or see a doctor regularly.

After you make your first premium payment, your insurance restarts and what you’ve paid in for deductibles picks up where they left off.

Employer-sponsored health insurance is required to be a comprehensive plan.

These are major medical plans that cover:

New Major Medical

As you’ve had a qualifying event to obtain new health coverage, you may look for a new permanent comprehensive health plan through the healthcare marketplace.

Temporary Health Insurance Solutions

If COBRA coverage is unavailable or if you simply can not afford it, you can get alternative health coverage for new illnesses or injuries.

Many people will enroll in Short-Term Medical insurance or an Accident Only plan to “get by” until their next major medical insurance starts. This type of insurance is also known as “gap insurance”.

These plans are not for everyone, but may may be a good choice for you if:

  • You have no pre-existing conditions.
  • Want to stay insured at a lower cost.
  • You are not pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant soon.
  • Have had no recent health problems.
  • Have not received any advice from medical professionals advising you to undergo a medical procedure in the future.
  • When you need health insurance and it’s not yet a federal open enrollment period to enroll in a qualified health plan.

COBRA or Short-Term Medical?

The advantages of a Short Term Health plan over COBRA are affordability amongst other benefits.

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Temporary health insurance is a popular, affordable solution to cover gaps in coverage while you are between Major Medical plans.

*Eligibility for short term medical insurance is based on age and state availability.

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