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How Do I Cancel My COBRA Coverage?

I have to wait 60 days for my new work insurance to start. When that happens, how do I cancel my existing COBRA continuation?

How To Cancel COBRA Coverage

To cancel your COBRA plan you will need to notify your previous employer or the plan administrator in writing, requesting to terminate the insurance. The plan administrator is also who you’ve made your premium payments to.

After you stop your COBRA insurance, your former employer should send you a letter affirming the termination of that health insurance. You should then receive a certificate of credible coverage for the length of time, you were on the plan.

Is It Too Expensive?

When you keep the same employer health insurance, you pay the entire premium. Many people find plan continuation too costly to keep and will want to look for an alternative to COBRA to remain covered.

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COBRA Cancellation Assistance

If you need help with understanding the next steps after cancelling your COBRA, you may call customer service for a consult. Depending on your current health situation will determine what’s best for you.

Will You Have Health Insurance?

Your COBRA workplace health insurance is a qualified major medical insurance plan and certified by the Affordable Care Act. If you voluntarily stop your coverage, you will only be able to get the same coverage from another employer or during federal open enrollment.

Do You Need A Termination Letter?

Contact the insurance plan administrator if you need your notice of COBRA termination to verify the coverage has stopped.

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