former employer canceled cobra

Q: I requested cobra from my former employer but he canceled my coverage. Do I have any rights in this or can he just cancel it? I live in MA. Thank you. A: There are many reasons why your existing COBRA coverage can be canceled. 1. If you contact your past employer to notify of termination. 2. If you fail to make an election during the election process. 3. If you obtain group health insurance with a new employer. 4. If you are entitled to Medicare . 5. If you complete the full 18, 29, or 36 months of coverage. 6. If you fail to make your premium payment on time. If you do not have an existing COBRA coverage, you should recieve a packet in the mail after your group health plan has been terminated, the employer has up to 45 days to get COBRA information to you in the mail (if the employer has more than 20 employees). You will also get a letter stating your COBRA rights and an election form.

COBRA is a federal law and the Department of Labor enforces that law. If you have specific legal questions you can visit href=” for more information.


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