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What happens if I miss a COBRA insurance payment?

My COBRA premium was due on the first of the month. How long of a grace period do I have?

If your COBRA payment is not made in a timely manner, or within the 30-day grace period then you are risking termination of your COBRA rights and coverage. If you do make the payments within the time allowed you will not lose coverage, but will still need to pay the later months’ coverage. It is best to communicate with your COBRA administrator about the payment that may not be made on or before the due date.

I Missed The Grace Period For My COBRA Insurance Payment, Now What?

If somebody misses a a payment period including the grace period and their coverage is cancelled, is there a way to get COBRA reinstated?

Payments that are made after the 30 day grace period do not have to be accepted by your previous employer and your COBRA health insurance coverage will be terminated. However, if your previous employer and their insurance is willing to accept the payment after the grace period you would be required to pay all premiums to date.

Terminating COBRA Due To Non-Payment Is Not A Qualifying Event

If your COBRA plan ends due to non-payment, you will not be able to restart that plan in the future. Furthermore, termination of COBRA is not a qualifying event to get new major medical insurance. You will need to wait for federal open enrollment in November or begin a new employer health insurance plan.

Coverage Options Outside Of Open Enrollment

If your COBRA was terminated due to non-payment, you will not have a special enrollment period to get a new major medical insurance plan. Your options:

  1. Get new major medical insurance through an employer
  2. Get temporary coverage for new accidents and illnesses with a temporary health plan

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