Where Do I Get A COBRA Election Form?

Where do I get the COBRA election form to complete? My employer says I need to send in soon.

The COBRA continuation coverage election form should have been sent to you by the employer’s human resources department or the company may have hired a third-party administrator to enroll you into COBRA benefits for them. Your employer or administrator has only 45 days to send you the paperwork. You have 60 days to elect coverage once you receive the form.

What If I Did Not Receive A COBRA Election Notice

We recommend working with the employer’s human resources department. Call and ask them to resend the health insurance continuation election form. They may refer you to their third-party administrator.

How Much Will My COBRA Premium Be?

As COBRA insurance is the same insurance you previously had, the premium is the same. The difference is the employer is no longer paying a portion of it. On average, this may cost $400 – $700/month per individual. Review your election notice for exact costs.

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