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How Do I Contact COBRA Customer Service?

COBRA Insurance is actually the name of a federal law and not a company. All employers with 20 or more full-time workers are required to offer COBRA, which is the same work health insurance you had.

As COBRA is the same work health insurance you had, the plan continues to be managed by the employer. If you have questions about continuing your workplace health insurance, reach out to your plan administrator.

Need Help With Your Plan?

If you have specific questions about your plan, contact your COBRA administrator or the Human Resources department of the company the health insurance is through regarding:

COBRA Benefits Phone Consult


Contact our insurance consultants by phone for assistance selecting your health plan or you may elect to enroll into short-term alternative health insurance online to remain covered and avoid an insurance gap.

Hours Of Operation

Monday thru Thursday, 6 a.m. – 6 p.m., EST
Fridays, 6 a.m. – 4 p.m., EST

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Manage Your Health Benefits

Employer Resources

Read the COBRAInsurance.com Employer’s Guide To COBRA to understand your company’s responsibilities. Get more information on outsourcing your health and COBRA insurance administration with Third-Party Administrator.

COBRA Eligibility

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In Good Health? The Short-Term Option

Short-term health insurance may be used as an alternative to COBRA. The plan premiums are affordable and the co-pays are predictable as coverage is limited to new illnesses and injuries.

These plans renew every month and you may cancel at any time.

Find out if you qualify for Short Term health insurance by registering to quote in the marketplace.

Your Plan Administrator

The customer service you receive for your COBRA plan is through your former employer’s plan administrator. This may be someone in the HR department or a third-party administrator. The paperwork you received for enrolling in COBRA will have this information.

If you do not know who the plan administrator is, you can find out by contacting the Human Resources department of the business that the health insurance is from.

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But, Isn’t This COBRAinsurance.com?

COBRA is a federal law, not a company. COBRA plans are managed by employer human resource departments or appointed third-party administrators. You will work with them for enrollments and payments.

We are COBRAinsurance.com, a private health insurance company publishinginformation on how the federal COBRA law works. Additionally, we encourage our readers to learn more about alternative health coverage as an affordable option to COBRA continuation.

COBRA Third-Party Administrators

Your COBRA plan may be managed by a third-party administrator. Many employers work with the following:

If you are unsure who your plan administrator is, reach out to the human resources department of the company that provided the health insurance you had.

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