American Rescue Plan Act of 2021’s COBRA Subsidy Ends September 31. What’s next?

Understanding COBRA in Nevada

COBRA is a federal law that applies to businesses with 20 or more employees. This law compels employers to provide their group health plan to workers and their families after that insurance would normally end. In Nevada, you may continue your work health insurance...
3 Reasons Temporary Health Insurance Is Better Than COBRA

3 Reasons Temporary Health Insurance Is Better Than COBRA

Register For A Quote When you’re facing a loss of medical coverage due to temporary gaps in employment or another factor, purchasing COBRA coverage could initially seem like the right choice to protect your health and finances. Under COBRA Act, employers with 20...
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Short-Term Health Insurance is popular and available in most states to cover gaps between major medical plans.

These plans also cover COVID-19 hospitalization. After deductibles and coinsurance, many plans will have $1 million in coverage.

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