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What Is Burnham & Flower For COBRA?

My COBRA is through Burnham & Flower, how do I start?

The COBRA administration solution, provided by Burnham & Flower’s, simplifies what is essentially a complex, difficult, and time-consuming HR activity. Employers can not only streamline COBRA communications, reporting, enrollment, billing and payment processes, but also provide an enhanced participant experience that seamlessly guides users through the post-employment health benefits process in a simplified and meaningful way, thanks to advanced capabilities and first-of-their-kind self-service tools.

Burnham & Flower Benefits Account For Participants

To begin your membership account online, visit the Burnham & Flower COBRA registration page.

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About Burnham & Flower

Homer J. Flower and Duane F. Burnham created Burnham & Flower Insurance Group in 1966. The company was founded primarily to provide retirement services to officials and employees of Michigan Township.

Since its humble origins, the agency has developed into six distinct organizations, serving over 2,600 clients in both the public and commercial sectors. Burnham & Flower is now one of the country’s largest municipal insurance companies.

COBRA Administration Services

Employers looking to outsource their COBRA administration for employees, should contact Burnham & Flowers for more information.

Burnham & Flower Insurance Group
Phone: 269.381.1173
Toll Free: 800.748.0554
[email protected]

315 South Kalamazoo Mall
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

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