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Can I Use COBRA For Only A Couple Months?

Can I use COBRA to maintain my current insurance for three months to complete a specific treatment not covered by my new company’s plan, and simultaneously enroll in the new insurance for other benefits?

Yes, you may utilize COBRA to maintain your current insurance coverage specifically for treatments not covered by your new employer’s plan. Since COBRA gives individuals the right to extend their previous employer’s health insurance for a limited time after leaving a job, you can seamlessly continue your treatment without interruption.

Understanding the 60-Day Loophole

It’s not so much of a loophole, but two 60-day windows of time to remember. You have a 60-day window following the end of your employer-sponsored plan to select COBRA coverage or choose a new plan in the individual ACA marketplace. Additionally, you can select a new plan in the individual marketplace 60 days before your current plan concludes to reduce any gaps in coverage.

Find out how to start a new Affordable Care Act Plan.

You Can Use COBRA For One Month, Up To Eighteen

Adjusting for the correct duration, this heading remains effective for SEO with a focus on “COBRA for one month” and accurately communicates the maximum coverage period. It highlights the flexibility in COBRA coverage duration, ranging from as brief as one month to as long as eighteen months for employees, and extends up to thirty-six months for dependents. This clarification ensures accurate information for individuals exploring their COBRA coverage options.

Canceling COBRA Health Insurance

When you get new health insurance, you will need to cancel your COBRA insurance. You may not have COBRA and another work plan at the same time.

Here are instructions on canceling COBRA.

COBRA Eligibility

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