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How Do I Keep My Life Insurance When On COBRA?

I received a letter stating that effective September 30th my COBRA Life Insurance will be exhausted. My last premium will be paid on September 10th. What do I need to do to keep the coverage that I have?

To answer this question, we should begin with the basics: COBRA is not insurance. It is a federal law that requires a previous employer to offer a continuation of the same health insurance benefits when someone has left their job for a reason other than “gross misconduct.”

Generally, once COBRA has been exhausted, there is nothing requiring that company to continue offering those benefits. Your case may be unique; Life insurance is not covered under the federal COBRA law, but in some states, life insurance may be covered.

Contacting your previous employer or their COBRA Administrator is your best chance at finding out what else you can do, but it is likely that once it’s exhausted, you cannot do anything but go find a new policy.

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