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COBRA Advisor Chat is a convenient method to speak with a professional agent about your temporary health insurance needs. Please keep in mind that we cannot address specific plan questions after you’ve signed up for COBRA. Your plan is managed by a former employer.

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Alternatives To COBRA

You can remain insured if COBRA is unavailable or too expensive. Stay covered for new illnesses and emergencies. These plans cost a fraction of employer COBRA.

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Accident Only Plans Start At $44/mo
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Employer COBRA

Get COBRA insurance to continue treatment of pre-existing conditions. Includes your prescription drug benefit. Your out-of-pocket deductibles are still in place.

Continue Workplace Insurance

Approximately $500 -800 / per person
(continuation of the same plan you had)

Coverage is Retroactive

Getting COBRA Between Jobs

Employers have 45 days to send you a packet of information about restarting your workplace insurance. If you haven’t received it yet, contact the HR department from whom the insurance was through and ask for your COBRA paperwork.

When you elect COBRA, you pay the entire premium, including the portion the employer was paying. This may cost $500 – $800/month per individual.

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Over 20 Years Helping 4+ Million Workers Find Affordable Medical Insurance (a private insurance company) helps workers and families with their temporary insurance options while between major medical plans. If you have questions about choosing COBRA, please contact our Licenced Insurance Agents.

Steps To Getting COBRA

This is how to get started on COBRA for your insurance:

  1. Your employer’s work health insurance ended due to a qualifying event
  2. Within 45 days of the qualifying event, the employer sends you an election notice to restart your workplace insurance
  3. Within 60 days of the election notice, you may choose to enroll back into your health plan where the coverage will pick up back up after making your first premium payment
  4. Your copays, coinsurance, deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses and insurance cards for the year stay the same
  5. You have 45 days to make your first COBRA premium payment
  6. The coverage is retroactive and any medical expenses you incur before the COBRA plan starts may be submitted for reimbursement

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Accident Only plans start at $44*
with coverage starting tomorrow!

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Temporary health insurance is a popular, affordable solution to cover gaps in coverage while you are between Major Medical plans.

*Eligibility for short term medical insurance is based on age and state availability.

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