Am I Still Eligible For COBRA If I Do Not Have Health Insurance?

My husband and I do not have health insurance. We have been without health insurance for a year now and his health insurance at his job is so expensive. Are we able to get COBRA insurance, what are our options?

COBRA election does have certain time limitations. Your employer has up to 44 days to send you a letter by mail about your COBRA rights. You have only 60 days from when the written notice was sent to you or from when your health coverage has been terminated, whichever event is later. If you miss the election period date you will lose your rights and will no longer qualify for continuation coverage.

COBRA Coverage Can Be Costly

What is known as “COBRA Insurance” is the same employer-sponsored health insurance you previously had. The difference is that the employer no longer pays part of the premium, which is typically around $500 per person. 

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We are — a private health insurance agency, established in 2001, that publishes online information on how the federal COBRA law works. We also provide an alternative to COBRA if it is unavailable or you simply can not afford it. You can remain insured and have health coverage for new illnesses or injuries with Short-Term Medical Insurance

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