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Can My Girlfriend Get COBRA After Being Sick?

My girlfriend recently changed jobs. Her last day at her previous employer was 1/22/14, she started her new job 1/28/14. My understanding is that her insurance with her old employer ended 1/31/14. Her insurance at her new job took effect 2/26/14. She got sick with a urinary tract infection on 2/15/14 and was hospitalized. She was billed $21,000 for that one night in the hospital. Is she able to apply for COBRA to get covered for that time in between when her old insurance ended and her new insurance took effect?

Yes, as her hospital stay was during the 60 day time period after her insurance had stopped. Her employer legally has up to 45 days to get to you the information you need to elect COBRA. Because she needed to seek medical treatment with in the time period it took for her to get information from her employer and the time she can sign up and make her payment, she may have to be reimbursed for her treatment. As soon as she signs up for COBRA, (before the deadline of 60 days from the date of the loss of coverage) and makes her premium payment, she will be and there will be NO lapse in coverage.

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