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Can My In Network Doctor Refuse To Treat Me Because I’m On COBRA?

Can a doctor who is in my network refuse to accept my coverage because it is COBRA?

An In-Network Doctor May Not Deny Treatment Because You Are On COBRA.

When you elect COBRA coverage, you are on the same group medical plan you were on previously. The employer insurance you are continuing is a qualified health plan with the same insurance carrier you had before.

When you visit a clinic, urgent care or an emergency room, you will present your health insurance card from the plan you were on.  You will not be denied treatment for office visits or surgical treatment while on your plan.

What To Do If You Are Denied Treatment

You may have trouble getting care due to timing with billing outside of your control. If you’ve made your premium payments and a medical provider refuses to treat you, tell your COBRA Administrator about your situation. The issue may be they haven’t updated the insurance carrier that insurance has been restarted.

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