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How Do I File For A Reimbursement For Out-Of-Pocket Expenses With COBRA?

How do I file a COBRA claim for reimbursement of benefits?

Your COBRA paperwork must explain how to obtain benefits and must include written procedures for processing claims. Claims procedures must be described in the Summary Plan Description.

You should submit a claim for benefits in accordance with the plan’s rules for filing claims. If the claim is denied, you must be given notice of the denial in writing generally within 90 days after the claim is filed. The notice should state the reasons for the denial, any additional information needed to support the claim, and procedures for appealing the denial.

You will have at least 60 days to appeal a denial and you must receive a decision on the appeal generally within 60 days after that. Contact the COBRA plan administrator for more information on filing a claim for benefits. Complete plan rules are available from the employer’s benefits offices. There can be charges up to 25 cents a page for copies of plan rules.

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