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Can I Change COBRA Plans?

My employer offers 4 different health plans and I am currently on the best and most expensive plan. If I elect COBRA, can I decide to change plans? Go to one of the cheaper plans? Or am I locked in to the plan I currently have?

You May Change COBRA Plans Only During An Open Enrollment

Your COBRA coverage continues the same policy you had just before the COBRA qualifying event. Upon electing COBRA, you maintain this policy. However, you can change your health plan during your previous employer’s open enrollment period. To learn the open enrollment dates, contact your former employer’s HR department or Benefits Manager.

Legally, a company can change COBRA plans once every 12 months, provided they inform you before the new plan’s effective date, ensuring compliance with COBRA laws. If payments are made late but the insurer maintains the plan, it is considered acceptable.

Remember that with COBRA, if your past employer changes their group health plan during that time, then you, along with the rest of the active employees will have to switch to the new group health insurance plan chosen by the employer.

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