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Will COBRA Cover My Pre-Existing Conditions?

Is there a pre-existing conditions clause with COBRA or am I covered?

Yes, COBRA Does Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

There is no pre-existing condition clause that would prevent your from receiving treatment. When you sign up for COBRA, you are actually continuing the same group health insurance that you had with your past employer. So, if your medical conditions were covered under that plan they will continue to be covered under COBRA.

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What Is A Pre-Existing Condition?

According to the Affordable Care Act, a pre-existing conditions are health issues that you had before to the start date of your new health coverage, such as asthma, diabetes, or cancer.

Affordable Care Act Changes To Pre-Existing Conditions

Health insurance companies can no longer charge you or your child extra or deny coverage because of a pre-existing health condition, such as asthma, diabetes, cancer or because you are pregnant. They cannot also limit benefits for such condition. They can’t refuse to cover therapy for a pre-existing ailment if you have insurance.

COBRA Eligibility

Short Term Medical Insurance Does Not Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

Short-term health insurance is an affordable alternatives to COBRA and typically do not cover pre-existing conditions. We recommend staying on your existing employer’s insurance if you expect major medical expenses while in between health plans. 

COBRA Third-Party Administrators

Your COBRA plan may be managed by a third-party administrator. Many employers work with the following:

If you are unsure who your plan administrator is, reach out to the human resources department of the company that provided the health insurance you had.

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