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Can I Keep My Dental and Vision Plans While On COBRA?

When I elect coverage under COBRA, are my dental and vision plans included?

Yes, COBRA Has Dental And Vision, If You Had It Previously

Yes, if you had dental insurance and vision coverage when you were an active employee. The COBRA health insurance law allows you and your beneficiaries to continue on the exact same health benefits that you had with the group health plan. Employer sponsored health care plans may consist of dental insurance, vision insurance, prescription plans and health savings accounts.

Does COBRA Reset The Annual Cap For Dental Insurance?

I used up my annual max for dental coverage for this year. When I get laid off next month, if I start paying via COBRA, does COBRA reset my dental coverage or do I have to wait till next year to receive any dental coverage?

No, you will have to wait until next year for dental coverage to reset. COBRA is simply a continuation of the exact same coverage you have while through an employer. You’re keeping the same plan and continuing on it, so there would be no reason that it would start over in the middle of the year.

Dependents’ Insurance Stays The Same

Your dependents also qualify to continue with the same benefits if they were insured prior to the qualifying event that led to job loss. So, they will receive the same dental care and vision coverage as before. In most cases, you may use COBRA for continuing coverage for up to 18 months.

If you haven’t done so, check with your former employers COBRA Administrator for more information.

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New Dental And Vision Insurance

If your work health insurance does not have dental or vision plans, you may apply for individual coverage.

Core Dental Insurance

Individual Ameritas Core Dental Insurance is intended for persons who do not have access to employer-sponsored dental insurance. With Core Dental Insurance, you can visit any licensed dentist.

EyeMed Vision Benefits

Vision benefits make regular eye checkups and prescription vision correction more affordable. Choosing the correct vision plan is an important step toward financially safeguarding your vision.

Individual and family vision plans from EyeMed may help you safeguard your eyesight while also saving money.

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