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Do I Have To Take A Physical Examination For COBRA?

Do I have to take a physical examination before I can get COBRA?

When it comes to obtaining employer health insurance, physical exams are not usually required. This is because employer health insurance plans are typically group plans, which means that everyone who works for the company is automatically enrolled in the plan. The premium for the plan is usually deducted from the employee’s paycheck, and the employer pays a portion of the premium as well. Since everyone is automatically enrolled in the plan, there is no need for a physical exam to determine eligibility.

Group plans are priced based on the overall health of the group, not on the health of individual members. This means that even if some employees have pre-existing conditions or other health concerns, the cost of the plan remains the same for everyone. Therefore, there is no need for a physical exam to determine the cost of the premium.

If your work insurance were to stop, you may be offered COBRA. The federal COBRA Act allows employees who have lost their job or had their work hours reduced to continue their health insurance coverage for a certain period of time. Like employer health insurance, there is no physical exam required to enroll in COBRA. The cost of COBRA coverage is usually higher than the cost of employer health insurance because the employer is no longer paying a portion of the premium.

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