American Rescue Plan Act of 2021’s COBRA Subsidy Ends September 31. What’s next?

Temporary Coverage Between Jobs

US DOL Info#993366 Q: I am leaving a job on May 9th where I have coverage with Sagamore. I have a 90 waiting period before the insurance at my new job takes effect with United Health. I know I can carry COBRA thru my Sagamore with my old company but the coverage will cost $698.93 per month. Is there a less expensive alternative? I did have breast cancer in 2001 (including chemo and radiation in 2001 – 2002). I have a clean bill of health now and was released from my oncologist last year. Should I pay the high premium just to make sure I can continue coverage? Thank you. A: If you have a preexisting medical condition, your best option would be to elect COBRA. Even though COBRA coverage is costly, it would cover those preexisting health concerns. If you are looking for a discount program that would offer you a discounted price on certian medical treatment visit href=” If it has been over 5 years than you may be eligible for or short term health policy with Fairmont Specialty Group. If you are now a healthy person who does not live in NY, NJ, MA, or VT and would be interested in a lower cost Alternative to COBRA please



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Short-Term Health Insurance is popular and available in most states to cover gaps between major medical plans.

These plans also cover COVID-19 hospitalization. After deductibles and coinsurance, many plans will have $1 million in coverage.

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