Can COBRA Be Secondary Health Insurance?

My husband lost his job and he could not return to work after short term disability. He was insured with Cigna which was his primary. He was also already on my insurance with BCBS which was secondary. He elected to carry COBRA and was told it would continue to be the primary coverage. Now Cigna is claiming that as of the date he lost his job and COBRA began they are the secondary and BCBS is the primary. Is this correct?

Who is primary and who is secondary depends on the wording of the specific policies. It is important to read both policies to see what each says about being primary or secondary and in what situation. Since we cannot read the policies in question, we cannot tell you which is primary and which is secondary. USUALLY, the Cigna COBRA health insurance policy would be primary for him, the BCBS policy would be primary for you. But if the specific policies say otherwise, the policies will rule.

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