Can someone elect Cobra if he has other coverage available to him?

Q: My company has a small group health plan with United Health Care and currently has 16 employees on the plan. I am considering hiring a sharp accountant out of college. He currently is on his parents plan as a dependent, and his dependent coverage will terminate soon, as he is graduating and will be too old as a dependent under his current plan. If I hire him, he is eligible under my small group health plan, could he elect Cobra under his parents plan for 18 months. He feels very comfortable with the benefits that he enjoys under existing plan. So my question is, can he elect Cobra if he has other coverage available to him? I appreciate your opinion on this issue.

Code Number:993300 A: Losing child dependent status is a qualifying event for COBRA. If he is comfortable with the health plan and coverage he has now, he can choose to continue with that plan for up to 36 months. He would be responsible for paying 102% of the monthly costs of that group health plan. COBRA is an option for him, even if he can obtain other health insurance. He will not be eligible for COBRA if he has applied for another policy and that new policy covers his medical conditions. He would not be able to use double coverage.

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