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Who Is Inspira Financial? How Do They Work With COBRA?

My COBRA enrollment notice said I need to make my premium payments to Payflex. Who are they?

Inspira Financial Health, Inc (formerly known as PayFlex Systems USA, Inc.) is a nationwide Third Party Administrator offering a broad range of services including COBRA and Direct Billing Services to over 3,200 organizations and millions of individuals. The company facilitates COBRA administration by providing efficient premium payment solutions for individuals who need to continue their health insurance coverage after leaving a job.

Account Login for COBRA with Inspira Financial

If you are looking to login or create your member account, visit the Member Login page of the Inspira Financial website.

Contact Information

Customer Support 1-844-729-3539
Corporate Office 2001 Spring Rd # 700
Oak Brook, IL 60523


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PayFlex Systems USA, Inc. Is Now Inspira Financial Health, Inc.

In a strategic move to simplify COBRA administration, Millennium Trust’s acquisition of PayFlex in 2022, followed by their rebrand to Inspira Financial in January 2024, is a positive development for those facing involuntary COBRA continuation. Inspira, with its combined experience in trust administration and PayFlex’s consumer-focused solutions, is now positioned as a comprehensive resource for employers and individuals navigating the often-complex COBRA landscape.

About Inspira Financial

Inspira Financial stands as a dedicated administrator for health, wealth, retirement, and benefits, with a particular emphasis on COBRA administration. This organization assists both organizations and individuals in navigating towards a more secure future, making significant outcomes out of routine decisions.

With a commitment to enriching lives through collaborative efforts, Inspira Financial tackles the straightforward as well as the complex and labor-intensive challenges. Its solutions aim to reinforce and streamline the journey towards health and financial well-being, especially in managing COBRA coverage efficiently and effectively.

Operating under the Inspira Financial brand, its suite of products and services are offered through a network of companies, including Inspira Financial Trust, LLC (formerly known as Millennium Trust Company, LLC) and Inspira Financial Health, Inc. (formerly known as PayFlex Systems USA, Inc.). Expertise in COBRA administration ensures that individuals transitioning between jobs or those in need of maintaining their health coverage find reliable and comprehensive support.

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