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Who Is PlanSource For My COBRA Account?

I received a letter about COBRA and to set up an account with PlanSource? Where do I go?

PlanSource is a third-party COBRA administrator that employers use to outsource their COBRA administration. This includes managing notifications, customer payments, reporting to the employer and cancellations.  

PlanSource uses the Bennaisance COBRAPoint portal for their members.

PlanSource COBRA Account Login

To access PlanSource COBRA member accounts, visit the Member Login page.

Contact Information

Phone 877-549-8549
Address 101 South Garland Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32801


About PlanSource

PlanSource is a technology firm that automates and streamlines every facet of employee benefit programs, allowing employees and HR teams to make better informed benefits decisions.

PlanSource joined with Vista Equity Partners in 2019 to continue growth and innovation for their clients.

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