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My Child Is Coming Off Of My Insurance, Can They Get COBRA?

My child is coming off of my insurance, what do I do now?

The Affordable Care Act requires that adult children may be included in their parent’s group health insurance until the age of 26. When the child ceases to be a dependent, the type of qualifying event is known as “loss of dependent status”. So what is next?

COBRA Eligibility

What To Do When Parent’s Health Insurance Ends

There are only so many choices and it’s a big decision depending on where the former dependent child is at in life. Here’s 3 options:

If COBRA is an option, before your dependent reaches the age of 26, be sure to contact your employer’s human resources department and ask for COBRA paperwork to have them enrolled. Continuing on the same health plan through COBRA may last up to 36 months.

It’s important to remember that your employer will no longer subsidize your former child’s health insurance like they do via paycheck deduction. When continuing health insurance under COBRA the entire premium must paid and there may be a 2% administration fee.

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