Can I Stay On My Ex-Spouse’s Insurance With COBRA?

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If my wife and I are getting a divorce, am I eligible to continue on her group health plan and for how long?

Yes, you may continue your former spouse’s employer-sponsored health insurance. A divorce, annulment or separation of a spouse or domestic partner, makes that dependent eligible for COBRA. When a qualifying event changes the dependents in the family, you should notify your insurance plan administrator. They will provide a COBRA election notice for those individuals. You may elect this COBRA benefit for up to 36 months.

COBRA Paperwork For Family Members

When the qualifying event occurs, the insurance on the dependent terminates. Whoever holds the insurance, their employer has up to 45 days to send you a COBRA election notice for your dependents. By law, you have 60 days to choose if you want to keep your health insurance through your COBRA rights.


Affordable Insurance

If you are fairly healthy and still want to remain insured, more affordable insurance alternatives to COBRA may be available based on where you live. Term health insurance is a popular option and available in most States. This can protect you from high medical costs of new injuries or new illnesses that unexpectedly occur while allowing you to use any licensed doctor.  Coverage is available up to $1 million per person. For more information and pricing, you can call us at 1-877-262-7241 or complete a free quote online.


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