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Can I Stay On My Ex-Spouse’s Insurance With COBRA?

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If my wife and I are getting a divorce, am I eligible to continue on her group health plan and for how long?

Yes, you may continue your wife’s employer-sponsored health insurance. A divorce, annulment or separation of a spouse or domestic partner, makes that dependent eligible for COBRA. When a qualifying event changes the dependents in the family, you should notify your insurance plan administrator. They will provide a COBRA election notice for those individuals.

COBRA Paperwork For Family Members

When the qualifying event occurs, the insurance on the dependent terminates. Whoever holds the insurance, their employer has up to 45 days to send you an election notice for your dependents. They will have 60 days to respond and continue insurance on the work plan or formerly waive their right.

COBRA Continuation Is Expensive

There are alternatives to COBRA continuation available. Get an affordable insurance quote or call us at 877-262-7241 and we can help you find an ACA certified health plan.

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