American Rescue Plan Act of 2021’s COBRA Subsidy Ends September 31. What’s next?

Dependent Cobra Coverage, when employee is entitled to Medicare

Q: I am 66 years old and have full medicare coverage, as well as, company insurance where I work. My wife is only 64 years old and not on medicare but is included on my company insurance. I plan to retire in 2 weeks and have requested Cobra Insurance for my wife. I do not want to keep Cobra as I have Medicare, however I DO NEED TO KEEP MY WIFE ON THE COBRA COVERAGE. The understanding I have received from my emploer is we BOTH must take the Cobra and only if I do not currently have Medicare. 1. CAN MY WIFE TAKE THE COBRA COVERAGE WITHOUT ME TAKING IT ? 2. CAN I TAKE COBRA COVERAGE WITH MEDICARE I ALREADY HAVE ? I appreciate your response to my questions. A: Once you are entitled to Medicare you are no longer allowed to continue on the employer ‘s group health plan. You are not able to have Medicare and COBRA. However, your spouse and dependents will still be eligible for COBRA . On the COBRA election form from your employer it will allow you to continue the coverage on your spouse only.

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