Retro-activate COBRA

ody ody Q: My employer failed to renew my contract. I thought that I was covered with insurance because I had paid for insurance in my final paycheck. I went ahead and made a doctor’s appointment for the time after I had been terminated.

As fate would have it, I ended up getting hired not long after.

I went ahead with my appointment and was never notified that I had no insurance.

I then received notification that I qualified for COBRA, but thought that my previous job covered me through the time between jobs.

It wasn’t until later that I received a check from my previous employer for the insurance that I had previously paid for, but I still though I was covered and thought that the COBRA notification would cover through that period. (thus my new job’s insurance would kick in). I also received notification from my insurance company that I didn’t have insurance at this time.

About a week and a half ago, I received a bill from the hospital, for the period of time I thought I was insured. I called them to clarify the statement and it turns out I wasn’t insured for that period.

Is it possible to re-instate COBRA for that time period I was not insured?

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