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I Have Banner Health From Aetna For COBRA? How Do I Enroll?

I’m going to retire with 4 months before Medicare starts. How do I keep my Banner Aetna plan on COBRA?

When you retire, the company you work for will provide you with information on how to enroll back into your Banner Aetna plan. Once you are on your COBRA plan, any out-of-pocket expenses you incurred while not covered may be reimbursed. COBRA is retroactive to the date you lost the insurance.

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COBRA Eligibility

Banner Aetna is a network of doctors, health centers, clinics, and hospitals affiliated with Banner Health that collaborate to provide high-quality health care. Doctors in the network will collaborate with one another and clinical teams to ensure that patients are healthier and happier with their care.

The Banner|Aetna Performance network, which includes Maricopa, Pinal, Pima, and Coconino counties, also includes HonorHealth, Banner University Medical Center & Medical Group, Tucson Medical Center, TMC One, Arizona Community Partners, El Rio Health, Northern Arizona Healthcare, Banner Page Hospital, and Banner Primary care providers.

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COBRA Third-Party Administration

Your COBRA plan may be managed by a third-party administrator. Many employers work with the following:

If you are unsure who your plan administrator is, reach out to the human resources department of the company that provided the health insurance you had.

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