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I Have Anthem For Insurance. Can I Use It For COBRA?

My team at work is going to be temporarily laid off for 3 months. The bosses said we could use COBRA during that time, but I really like my Anthem plan. Can I use that?

COBRA Insurance is a continuation of the health insurance you’ve had through an employer. In this case, the business uses Anthem as their employer-sponsored health insurance carrier. As such, your COBRA plan will be with Anthem. It will be the exact same plan you were on and your out-of-pocket expenses toward your deductible will not change. To apply for Anthem COBRA coverage, respond to the notification of your rights that you should receive in the mail from the employer.

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Who Is Anthem?

Anthem, Inc., is a health insurance provider in the United States. It is the largest for-profit managed healthcare company in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. In 2018, the company had about 40 million members.

Anthem is ranked 23rd in the Fortune 500.

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