Can You Be On COBRA And Use A Medicare Supplement?

Mutual of Omaha representative is telling my husband that he does not have the option of going on a supplemental Medicare plan if I am going on COBRA. I retired effective today and my husband is 67 with Medicare part A & B. We planned to roll him into a Medicare supplement plan rather than adding him to the COBRA plan. He is currently on my insurance plan at Essentia Health. This is supposedly a new law in North Dakota? How can COBRA or North Dakota dictate what insurance plan or supplement my husband MUST go on or can they?

The law your Mutual of Omaha representative is referring to is that in order for your retired husband to meet the standards for a supplemental Medicare policy, he cannot have duplicate coverage, meaning he cannot be on your policy. Before he can enroll in his supplemental policy, he must be removed from your coverage.

Spouses May Use COBRA For 36 Months

You may elect COBA in your retirement for just yourself and not your husband. This would free him from your coverage and allow him to get a supplemental plan, but you have to elect COBRA coverage only for you, and exclude your husband and pay that first premium before you can enroll him in his supplemental plan. This COBRA continuation will be available to you for 36 months.


Temporary GAP Coverage Until Medicare

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