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How COBRA Insurance Works In Minnesota

In Minnesota, you can continue your health insurance after job loss by enrolling in COBRA coverage. On average, COBRA coverage in Minnesota costs approximately $450 per month for an individual.

COBRA Eligibility

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*Based on age and state availability

Continuation of Health Insurance Coverage In Minnesota

Please choose:

No Pre-Existing Conditions
Term Medical Gap Coverage

Available in some states, as low as $44/month

Coverage For
Pre-Existing Conditions

$400 – 700/month per individual

Nearing Retirement Age

Learn about Medicare Advantage

Minnesota Mini-COBRA Law

In Minnesota, the Continuation of Health Coverage laws applies to fully insured health plans underwritten by commercial carriers, HMOs, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, as well as to Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs), political subdivisions such as counties, school districts, and municipalities and fully insured church plans. 

The state continuation laws are similar to federal COBRA provisions and apply to all group health plans subject to state regulation, regardless of the number of employees in the group. In some cases, the state laws have more relaxed provisions than COBRA, while in other instances, they are not as specific. The lack of regulations on the state level means plan administrators may need to look to COBRA regulations or related case law for guidance in making appropriate continuation determinations.

Source: Minnesota Statute 62A.16

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We are an insurance company that provides information on the COBRA law and alternative temporary insurance options if continuation is unavailable or too expensive.

Applying For COBRA In Minnesota For Pre-Existing Conditions Health Coverage

By choosing COBRA, you are keeping your employer-provided insurance. It’s a smart option if you frequently visit the doctor or require prescription medication. You still have the same health insurance policy. Your deductibles won’t need to be restarted because the plan will pick up where it left off.

Apply For COBRA

Employer Has 20+ Employees

You may continue your most recent work health insurance for up to 18 months as an employee. Family members may access the plan for up to 36 months.

You sign up for COBRA with your former employer or their third party. The premium will be $400 – 700 / month, per insured person.

Minnesota Mini-COBRA

All employees qualify for COBRA.

In Minnesota, all employers are compelled to offer a continuation of worker’s health insurance. The human resources department or their third-party administrator will notify you on how to apply.

Marketplace / Obamacare

A loss of work health insurance is a qualifying event to find new healthcare through the public healthcare exchange.

The average plan premium in Minnesota is $404 in 2023.
Source: Value Penguin

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GAP Insurance: Accident-Only Medical Plans

You can choose a private short-term health plan in Minnesota to fill an insurance gap. The following coverage option offers considerable medical benefits for any accidents that may occur at any time.

Accident Only Insurance with Telehealth

Coverage begins as early as midnight tonight.

Pre-existing Conditions Do Not Exclude You From Accident Only Coverage

Plans start at $44/month.
Based on age and state availability

Accidents happen, and the last thing you want to worry about is who or how the bills are going to get paid. With this plan, you can focus on getting care. CAM helps you and your family with the high cost of healthcare resulting from injury or accidents.

Includes Telehealth – Access to prescribing  doctors for common issues


After your workplace insurance ends, you’ll sign up for Medicare within 8 months.

In general, you can sign up for Part A and Part B starting three months before your 65th birthday and ending three months after your 65th birthday.

Learn more about Medicare deadlines and how Medicare Advantage plans can replace original Medicare at no cost to you.

COBRA Is Available In All 50 States

Employee continuation of health insurance coverage is not required in all states. When a state lacks laws governing the continuation of work-related medical benefits, the federal COBRA Act protects these rights. Find out more about your state.

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