preexisting injury

ody Q: I had a previous injury to my left shoulder from a auto accident from 7/28/2011 treated by four doctors in the interim period time, and I was finally diagnosed with a strain/sprain and was told that it would eventually heal in April of 2013 In June of 2013, I did settle with the insurance company. Then in February of 2014 I did purchase a insurance with Multi plan insurance group. The morning of 2/18/2014 putting a gallon of milk and a small watermelon on the kitchen counter, and my left shoulder tendon ripped really bad. I saw an orthopedic surgeons and they say that it all stemmed from the auto accident injury in 2011, looking at my previous MRI films from the auto accident they all said that it was partially torn and just hanging on by a thread. I need surgery on my shoulder now. Why COBRA I am asking? While I was coming home from work on modified duty from a work comp injury to the right shoulder I was rear-ended.. I did settle my work comp claim in August 2013. Can I still get COBRA? My insurance Multi Plan is not going to cover my injury because they said that even though that I did mention that I did have a pre-existing injury of a sprain/strain that is far from a tear. What do I do?

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